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Unhappy Don't Quit Without First Getting a Job

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i think the market didn't turned better but worse. so many unemployed outside. If u intends to quit without a job, please dun.

my contract was not renewed. sigh - will be out of job soon again. 43 this year.

saving can only tong for 9 mths the most.
I quit a reasonably 'well' paying but stressful job with a stat board due to health + politics in Nov16. Till now, am still jobless. Not a single response to my job applications, be it perm or contract. I was offered a 6 months contract with potential to extend to 1 year immediately after i quit from my last job. But turned down offer as i prefer to concentrate on looking for a permanent job. Sigh...i hv been unemployed for 8 months already. 50 this year
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