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What FO are you in? 55k all in does seem a little low. Now of course all this nonsense number about 10k monthly etc are bullshit la, but 55k all in is what a good grad in BO will probably earn in its first year. In fact OCBC and DBS ops grad program earns that amount in the first year.
Pretty sure that anyone who says 10k monthly for fresh grad is impossible is talking out their arse. It is very possible but only the 0.01% of each cohort will secure this.

Look at these articles on reputable news websites comparing BB FO pay in Singapore (not some random overseas country but right here in Raffles Place) and tell me that these journalists with insider access and sources are unreliable and that we should instead trust some anonymous dude trash talking on Singapore's most infamous salary forums?


Cannot eat grapes say grapes sour, lol

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