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LOL. Want to write story, must write with some credibility lah. Even before TDSR were implemented, banks would not lend you money to buy 2 properties (not to mention 5) if your salary was just $180k pa.

But more importantly do not feel inferior to others who seem to be wealthier and more successful. At the end of the day, no matter how many millions, properties and gold bars we have, we all have only ONE life. Live that life well and responsibly and that is enough.

We have owned 5 properties but not all at the same time. We currently have 2 - we lived in one and use the other to earn rental. Together with our other investments, our passive income is $150k a year. As we still work, we can save $350k to $400k a year.

Is my story credible?

Did you know my previous salary? Im not saying its high but it was around 300k +- depending on bonus... i switched job only recently as was made redundant

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