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Originally Posted by peacepenguin View Post
Hi all,

I have been offered Aerospace Engineering in NTU and I would like to know if it's practical to go for Aero Eng in NTU? I am concerned about the employability and versatility of the degree after graduating. (Maybe work in finance if I find engineering not suitable for me or other engineering fields)

It seems like people who graduate from Aero Eng end up in research or finance sector.

So far it appears that Biz and Mech Eng(or even CE/CS) are the safest bet?

Between Biz and Acct, can a person with Acct Degree work in the bank just like a person with Biz Degree?

Thank you.
i was from NTU Aerospace Engineering some years ago so let me give my 2 cents here.

Typically, graduates from Aerospace Engineering in my batch end up in a few places. The very technically inclined folks who had First Class and strong passion in engineering will usually end up in DSO. DSO is probably the best place you could be in if you are interested to do any research related work on aerodynamics etc. If the year you graduate in happen to be a year when ST Aerospace is hiring, a good bulk of the graduates will also be in ST Aerospace. Work in ST Aerospace varies but it's usually technical in nature. A few will also sign on with the Air Force while some will go to SIA Engineering. These few places are where the bulk of the graduates are at.

Of course, you could break the mould and venture elsewhere. A few of my batch mates end up in MFA, Exxon, banking (places which has no relations to Aerospace Engineering)

At the end of the day, follow your passion. Go somewhere you know you could do well in and you will usually be on the right track. If you are looking at banks, you can join banks with probably any degree as long as you have a good Honours.
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