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Hi, would like to seek advise from here.

I went for an interview for an adjunt position (1-year contract) on the 26 Jan. This is from one of the ministry.

Got a letter to go for a medical checkup. Done it on 24 Feb.

Got a call from HR to submit for documents on 01 Mar. Send and received by the HR on 02 Mar.

Send an email to HR asking any updates on 15 Mar. HR reply 1 day later, saying currently processing my application.

Called HR on 30 Mar for updates. They reply saying will update me the following week (this week).

Gave them a call yesterday, HR say still no update and say they are still processing. The HR lady also say my case seem to be unusually long, and claim that she do not know why.

My job application status for this job in the show "Shortlisted"

So does this mean I got the job or not?
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