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I was promoted in my first year as well. Made some checks and concluded that DXOs who gets a B in their first year in service will be promoted to DX10. If you miss it, gotta join the queue which will usually take you 4 years or so.

I am pretty sure that my FMN didn't give me the promotion during annual ranking as they were shocked as well. The promotion came direct from MHRD with a letter.
direct from MHRD? i guess you are really in the right place at the right time when they reviewed some HR policies and you managed to ride the wave.

maybe you are also in a good unit that gives B to those who perform without being politically correct(older staffs must stay top of ranking). myself, its a norm in my unit to get Band 3 as long as you are new. even if you outperform others. thats the sad culture in MINDEF in general. similarly for military uniformed personnel. a good performing ME1 who outshines a ME2 would be automatically ranked bottom when he promotes to ME2.

have a colleague was promoted from DX10 to DX12. although the pay increased, but his rank is bottom automatically. end up what he get in one year in DX10(top performer) is the same as DX12(PB all factored in). it doesnt matter what he did during that year.

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