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Default Pending Offer by Recruit Express

Hi, just wondering has anyone encountered the term "pending offer" before? Let me share my story; I was dismissed from my job late last year and have looking for jobs ever since. I've been through numerous interviews but sadly all no offer. Just only recently, I was contacted by Recruit Express, not once but twice, who shared with me their job openings. I was shortlisted, went for the interview and that's when the problem comes in. Straightaway after both interviews, Recruit Express called me and said I had received a "pending offer" by their clients as they deemed my interview impressive. I asked them what "pending offer" meant exactly, and they told me I was shortlisted for the position while in the meantime, they are drafting out the salary package.

The first "pending offer" came exactly one month ago right after I finished my interview. Till this date, nothing has been finalized and is still dragging on. The RE agent called me and mentioned that the HR is always busy, not at her desk, on MC blah blah blah etc. Now she told me might take another month of so to finalize.

The second "pending offer", also from RE but different consultant, came exactly 2 weeks ago. I'm supposed to receive the offer by last week, but the consultant told me the same grandmother story, like the HR busy, today on MC etc. She promised to give me an answer by this Monday, by today and now say definitely by this week. Right now, I just really can't take their words anymore until the actual offer is presented right in front of me.

I know I've read a lot of negative reviews regarding Recruit Express so I'm not placing too much hope on them either. But just wondering is this "pending offer" practice only stemmed from Recruit Express, or has anyone actually encountered it elsewhere? I'm hoping it was not a scam by them but even if it's so, what do they actually gain from doing that? I'm okay if they are upfront by saying I wasn't shortlisted or is still in consideration, but by bullshitting candidates with "pending offer" is just ridiculous. Any thoughts?
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