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Sorry to hijack thread, I am also a Comp Science grad with close to 1 year exp. currently in a startup.

I was approached by a headhunter and went for an interview with Lazada for a developer role for data systems. After the main interview, I told the HR that my expected salary is 6k (15% above what I am getting now), but the girl tell me this is above market.

She told me base on their market research, they cannot match my expected salary and ask me if basic salary ard 5.5k but higher bonus (she claim is 4-5mths, better than the 2 mths i'm getting now) whether I am willing to continue for further interviews.

Right now I just say willing to proceed, but want to check with other experience people in the industry how is the market rate like for 1-2 years relevant exp.
For a junior engineer with no differentiating skill set, 6K is a bit of a reach. Assuming an optimistic 5 months bonus with 5.5K basic, your annual comp will be 93.5K which is 20K more than your current one. Sounds like a good deal to me.

There are also factors to consider such as work-life balance, team dynamics and how interesting your work is going to be.

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