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my friend and i recently got offered, both fresh grads

myself in tech consulting, client and market track, got offered 3.8k+300 allowance per month. got 5k bonus after you finish your first year. standard 13 month and 1-2 month variable bonus based on company and personal performance

friend got offered in digital, he told me same offer but no aws. dunno if real anot. or maybe he heard wrongly.but he rejected it anw.

^ true on the consultants in "client and market" aka the more consultingish track promote a fair bit faster than those in delivery/implementation.

Personally i've interned there before, honestly acn wasn't my first choice because of the work life balance, but the job market really damn bad, kena reject like 6 other companies already. so have to settle for what I can get.
hi, may i know how long both of u waited after the final interview before getting the offer?
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