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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I can understand where you are coming from.

After the big ticket items are settled and fully paid for - property and car
in your case no children, you will start pondering if you actually NEED to continue to work insane hours for the money.

Money is never enuff, but money cannot buy back time especially our youth. Whats the point of being 50, rich but no energy to travel or do things you like? For myself, I can feel my body getting old, because it takes longer to recover from a jog or cycling. So I make sure I am not overstretching myself at work. I am willing to sacrifice money for time and I earn probably 20-30% lower than my peers but I have a very good work-life balance. I dont bring my blackberry for holidays and I go 1 long trip and at least 3 short trips a year.

In your case, I can understand why you feel so, but I would advise you to pursue a career in the European MNC sector than GLC. I have worked in a few corporations and found that European MNC offers the best work-life balance.

Salary might not be as good as financial sector (i am assuming you are from there), but still decent. I think probably at your level, taking paycut or not at all will really depend at which level you come into the MNC. Even with a 20%-30% paycut, it is still decent and I believe you can enjoy your life better with less worries on your finances.

But I agree with the earlier comment, once you take a paycut, its really tough to get back to your current level, so I think it is very likely to be a one-way ticket. So think wisely!

Good luck and keep us posted.
Hmm.. in many occasion, having a pay cut doesn't mean shorter working hours and lesser stress.

Perhaps try to work part-time, start a small home-based business would be better for work-life balance.
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