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I see, bro, what about me I am fairly confident i got full marks for part 2 also. But first part instead of 45 i got 44 done only and im not sure how badly or well i did for part 1.

So do you think it will make a difference like is there a cut off at 45? To miss out by 1 is really disappointing
I'm not the guy that posted previously, not working as DXO either

Haven't went for my PT for dxo.. not sure how the questions is grouped or classify

But I believe different position they might be looking for different things?? Went for many other psy test.. most of the time, a correct answer gives one mark, a wrong answer would minus one.. of course if u are able to answer all and correct then u are at the top of the list.. so there's no point in worrying 44 or 45? Anyway he won't know either.. that's his reference to his score. But who knows where the exact cut off is
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