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i can fully understand your situation. i'm 35 this year, drawing S$180K basic, and each promotion comes with ever higher expectations to generate revenue for my company. my networth is close to $2M thanks mainly to some successful investments, and as such i do occasionally question the need to face work stress.

jumping over to public service or GLC and taking a big pay cut is fine, but obviously not the most optimal solution in your case if you are confident about your abilities. it might also diminish your chances of getting back into a high paying job when you need more income.

most successful career transitions i've seen (better work life balance without having to take a pay cut, sometime even higher pay) comes from the person using his own network (e.g. alumni from your current company or customers who have established themselves in senior positions elsewhere) to find the right opportunity. of course one still needs to have the right IQ and EQ for the job.

with your many years in industry and high powered job you would likely have established many contacts who are in top management, and now would be a good oppoortunity to tap on them. if not, start working now to establish your network and sniff out good opportunities while still you are still employed.

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