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Nothing you read here is true because you havent give enough background to the job you are applying for. Different job clusters pays differently. Example: Engineering tends to pay better than Administrative sector for equivalent positions (in terms of what they require the job incumbent to perform)

It is possible to move from 3k to 6k in 5 years. I started 3 years ago at mid-3k (Pass with Merit Degree, NUS), I am about to hit 6k. (I am talking about gross salary - have not deduct CPF & other contributions). So it is possible.

Salary does not increase from Merit Increment (MI) only. If you were to refer to [email protected], they detailed down some components of salary, (e.g. MI, AVC, Promotion Increment, Salary Revision/Benchmarking etc.)

Also, do not focus your career on starting and projected future salary. If you want to join Civil/Public Service, your focus should be 1) how you can contribute in your job's capacity to the betterment of public service for Singapore and 2) skills and competencies you can learn and further enhanced to give yourself a fruitful career.

Nonetheless, I've provided myself as a case study for your reference. I hope you make an informed decision before joining us for our cause in the Civil/Public Service.

Good luck!
You were most likely one of those who benefit from the public sector wide salary review back in either 2014 or 2015. Those of MX11a and below have their salary increased. There was also another round of salary revision back in 2011. So those who worked then would have had their salary revised twice. That is why they can reach 6k within 5 years or less.

If its normal economy with no salary revision, it is almost impossible to hit 6k within 5 years, not without promoting twice at least. Realistically, if you start off with mid 3k, you can reach 5k within 5 years. That is more realistic and achievable.
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