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The private institutions pay around $100 per hour of teaching and around 3 hours each time. If you can clock one night a week, you are looking at $1200 a month on top of your day job.

But this offering is not perpectual. When they don't call you, you get nothing. It helps if students' ratings of you are good. Just be entertaining and let your passion in the subject ooze and you should be fine.

But teaching and doing are a totally different thing altogether. I have met people who do things damn well, but can't teach the same things for nuts. And there are also lots of people who teaches damn well and are teaching cuz they can't do those things.
Like yourself, I lectured and tutored (part-time) at SIM University years ago. The pay wasn't that good, partly because they only needed me about once every 2 weeks for each course.

At one point, I tried packing multiple courses (pretty tiring), and had to work about once a week on average, not counting the preparation time (I prepared my own powerpoints and additional notes) and marking time. I only got 19k for that entire year.

I'm giving part-time private tuition now. It's pretty lucrative if you teach at the higher levels.
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