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Originally Posted by poorlifeguy View Post
it looks like those 'scolded' me are those older generation.

i'm just comparing with my peers on the same industry which is IT. many of them are getting higher pay than me. those who scored 2nd lower also got near 4k (private - minus about 300, public - around 4k there). so as a 2nd upper with 3.4k, i felt quite underpaid.

is the company name worth staying for to look good on my resume? or i should just jump ship (maybe to public sector)? i have already prepared my ans in case they ask why did i leave.
To TS, I belong to "older generation". End of the day it's your decision. I mean there is nothing wrong to just leave as you are still fresh grad. When you compare with your peers you will feel inferior and there is no end to such comparisons. How many times can you leave job within 1 year? And when you hop like that, yes so employers will still hire. But how will your 4th employer look at your beautiful track record of 1 year or less each? Nobody will want you, esp when you move on to higher level of roles. You need to demonstrate at least 2.5 to 4 years in a role in ONE company. You can hop here and there, but you will come to a point when you see that this harmful impact. It's very real..don't just follow your peers blindly. Have a thought about your life. Importantly, pay doesn't mean everything. It may mean a lot to you now..but it's really not everything.
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