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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
u gotta be joking right?

local / overseas degree asking for 2k? den wtf u even take a degree for? avg degree fee easily costs 20k to 30k. how many years do u wanna work to recover your uni tuition fees?
unless u have rich parents paying for your sch fees...

if work for 2k, i might as well sign on with uniformed group or join civil servant as MSO.

heck, even a diploma holder who signs on with SPF as SGT alr earning low to mid 2s per month...

study so much for wat? lmao

Putting the pieces of information together here... fresh grad, contact job in a bank, so probably back office ops. 2K isn't unreasonable, although I've also seen higher. Range I've heard is $1.8K to $2.4K.
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