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Hi, don't mean to hijack this thread, but just have a question in line with that the OP has posted about making the jump from a BO role in a bank or FI.
I would ideally like to get into a risk or compliance function, however as I do not have stellar grades or internship experience in a banking environment, I understand that my best way to get my foot in the door is through a BO function such as ops. Some posters have mentioned that taking up a BO job would mean that you would be stuck in BO - how true is this? Would it thus make sense for a fresh grad to take up a BO role first to gain experience before making a move into a MO function?

Strictly speaking, there isn't a "mid office" category. You're either FO or not FO (i.e. BO). From what I understand, movement between BO functions is not uncommon, although risk and compliance require more specialised knowledge which I doubt you will accumulate doing other BO work.

Taking a BO job = accumulating BO experience, which makes you naturally better suited for BO roles. It's not about getting stuck, it's about the experience you are accumulating. If anything, having BO experience on your CV is worse than having no banking experience on your CV.
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