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Private equity analyst here. Thought i just chime in my views. graduated from uol sim campus. yes uol degree in sim campus. SIM.

working in a mid-tier private equity business. the previous poster is correct, you have to show what you did during your undergrad e.g business comp, portfolio, presentation, clubs and networking. no one floats into FO roles.

Sell-Side Front Office Roles
+ pay? well if u work by average per hour, it's not better than other professions... but if your career progression is solid the pay increase can be exponential..
+ gateway to buyside (think Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, PE or GIC/Temasek etc)

- long hours (10-12hrs, buyside is better but depend on firm culture)
- easily retrenched at VP/Director level depending on markets, no iron ricebowl
- difficulty to find another related job at mid-level upon retrenchment and downturn (no joke)

In the end, it's really about who you know and what you have done to prove your "passion" in the job you are applying for.

A lot of people aspiring to be in FO I have met are like this - "Hey XXX, I want to be in FO but I haven't done anything about it. Can u give me advice?"

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