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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is a typical BO ops job paying 2.5-2.8k for fresh grads. If it's a contract it will be on the higher end due to lack of benefits and normal bonus. If you are a private uni grad, this is the standard type of contract you will get. Very unlikely you will convert to perm in just 6 mths, usually need to rollover at least 2-3 years first.

If you are the 3 local uni grad, then don't bother with such a lousy offer unless no choice.
Hi thank you so much for your advice. I am from a top 40 university with a masters degree taken overseas. I thought this contract might be good as the private bank is a top tier one. The market is also bad right now and it seems that only contract jobs are active and I plan to work for maybe a year for the experience and name of the bank. I am only worried because I will become an employee of the recruitment agency working for the bank. As I am new to this I am worried ableremboubout potential dangers. Will they abuse the contract to their benefit? Would I be able to renegotiate my salary if I decide to extend my contract? Thank you
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