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Default percentage increase?

Originally Posted by mangos47 View Post
It's UOB actually. The role is of technical nature but not sits in IT, rather under finance side. I have 12 years experience but not in financial industry. so it's a career switch sort of.

I put in the expected monthly basic 12k, then HR told me it's way out of budget... not sure if it becomes a deal breaker

noticed from glassdoor there's a big difference for VP salary across different organisation, even across the three major local banks. Thought shall be similar in DBS, OCBC, UOB, but seems DBS is like 20% higher than OCBS which in turn about 20% higher than UOB. UOB's title inflated?

btw, anyone can share on average technical role in UOB got how many months bonus? how is the working culture and work/life balance like? glassdoor review kinda sucks for UOB compared to DBS and OCBC...
i think u missed out one most important part out from ur above post..

what was the percentage% increase u were asking for ur basic salary excluding bonus? it doesnt seem to be 15%-20%..

nobody has got the VP range of the said bank correct.. VP salaries differ widely in all banks (even VP it self has multiple bands of VP)..

so ur question shouldnt be how much should a VP earn, it should be how much percentage increase can they afford..

set a percentage that is within ur range..

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