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Default how much shall I expect for a vp role in a local bank?

It's UOB actually. The role is of technical nature but not sits in IT, rather under finance side. I have 12 years experience but not in financial industry. so it's a career switch sort of.

I put in the expected monthly basic 12k, then HR told me it's way out of budget... not sure if it becomes a deal breaker

noticed from glassdoor there's a big difference for VP salary across different organisation, even across the three major local banks. Thought shall be similar in DBS, OCBC, UOB, but seems DBS is like 20% higher than OCBS which in turn about 20% higher than UOB. UOB's title inflated?

btw, anyone can share on average technical role in UOB got how many months bonus? how is the working culture and work/life balance like? glassdoor review kinda sucks for UOB compared to DBS and OCBC...

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