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You are my admiration.

Does your current passive income including the CPF interest? Example: "Interests, bond coupons etc : $52k pa."

I would continue to work if I have enough passive income (excluding CPF interest) that can cover my annual expenses.

Especially so if my HH income is similar to yours which I presume both are holding a higher position.

With the untouched HH income of $400K, I could choose to help the needy and have greater satisfaction than having not to work and unable to contribute freely to those than need it.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi all, time flies (when you're having fun/when you're busy).

For my case, it was being very busy with work. My team and I had been very tied up sewing up a big contract in the last 3 months, and as it involved an overseas partner, there were traveling involved too. Each day morphed into the next and before you know it, 3 months just passed you by. In those 3 crazy months, we "saved" quite a bit of money as almost all our meals (except weekends) were catered and there was overseas allowances too when we travelled. Weekends were spent rejuvenating.

Now that the busy part is over, I have had the time to ponder whether I am too old (at 56) for this sort of rigour anymore. So I took a good look at our cash flow situation. While it does seem that my wife and I could call it quits and enjoy our retirement, it is still not an easy call seeing that we will be giving up substantial income plus all the perks from being in the workforce. Here's our cash flow situation:

Household Income from employment :$400k+ pa
Income from rental : $40k pa
Dividend income : $52k pa
Interests, bond coupons etc : $52k pa.

As our passive income is able to cover our annual expense, we were practically saving our annual earned income. I did a tally of our HH networth, and was pleasantly surprised it crossed the $6m mark comfortably.
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