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Originally Posted by bobo View Post
Please read my post properly. Did I say he is a liar? Now read his post again.

You shouldn't believe anything just because I say so. You should instead look at the facts.

Let me make it very simple for you. Ignore the rest of the story. Just focus on this point:

He claims that without a degree and after working for 2 yrs, he got 4.2k a month. He started work in 2005 and mid 2006 (1 1/1 yrs later), drew 4.2k and by the end of the yr (2 yrs later), drew 4.9k.

Most graduates who studied full-time, with 2nd upper hons, from a reputable university, who have worked for 2 yrs get nowhere near the amount.

Or, let me put it another way to you: For 4.9k a month, I can get a Manager, with Hons from a reputable university, with 6-7 years experience. But nooooOOooo, instead, I would hire someone from Singapore poly with 2 yrs experience and pay that person 4.9k a month! This chap is not even from poly!

Now, you tell me, which idiot would a) make such a hiring decision and b) actually get HR to approve it? I mean what? He's made of gold?

Please go and check how much is the starting pay of someone from poly, and how much that person can expect to earn in four years, never mind two.

If you choose to believe fantastic stories, that a poly student with 2 yrs experience is earning the same pay as a Manager who is an hons graduate with 6-7 yrs experience, good for you. Just because you choose to believe fantastic stories, doesn't mean people who express doubt over such a story are ignorant - unlike you, we're just more skeptical about magic stones that can cure cancer.

For 4.9k, you can hire an experienced manager, instead you hire a poly graduate with only 2 years experience??? Things clear to you now?

Your final para is irrelevant to the point I am making. There are people who start at 4k, sure. And there are people who can double up in 4 yrs, sure. We all know the starting pay of the armed forces and the scholar route. You're taking about graduates.

I'm talking about a poly diploma holder (part-time) with just 2 yrs experience drawing 4.9k a month. This fella didn't start his own business. He is working for someone. Understand?
Then we will have to agree to disagree. I don't find his story incredible, and even if it is, I don't discount that it may be true. The fact of the matter is that he started work in 2005, which was a good year for employees. So was 2006 and 2007. 2008 and 2009 were bad years. You apparently consider a degree very important and would clearly not pay the same salary for a diploma holder or less. But that doesn't mean every employer is like you. The public service thinks like you, which explains the wage differential between employees of different educational levels. Thankfully, most private firms don't draw that same stark distinction, and so it would be possible, I believe, for him to draw that kind of salary with his qualifications. Assuming he is that good, I don't see why a firm would not compensate him accordingly.

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