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Originally Posted by deadman View Post
Just to share my story. im 29 (1982) male in IT line

My degree is completed as part-time between 2006 -2008. trying to accumulate work exp + deg at the same time.. as i find it more efficient and cost effective

start work 2005, din go to NUS/NTU even got offered
first job in mnc doing manufacturing as IT support, start pay 1.2k as contract staff.. become perm then pay become 1.4k, left coy at mid 2006 or something.. last drawn pay is around 1.9k

second job (mid 2006) at IT mnc coy do IT as well with start pay 3.6k, 3months later i ask for revision, then pay become 4.2k. Mid 2008, im asked to be perm, pay become 4.9k. Left coy at around sept 2009?. Last drawn 4.9k.. din wait to collect bonus (AWS)

3rd job, join a local GLC do IT.. start pay 5.3k, realise not really wat i wan and i think the internal politics abit crazy.. so i left 2 months during probation

4th job/current job .. do IT in a mnc financial industry coy.. start pay 5.8k.. around june last year, converted to perm staff, pay increment to existing 6.2k. Till now, overall annual is about 15 mths package.. no AWS.. so roughly 90+-k/yr

Coming 2011 June, hope got pay increment again to hit into a 100k annual package :P

Im thinking.. if i go into civil services/ IDA or similar, will they be able to pay me according to what im getting now? because i know the way they pay is based on some stupid citeria like below "in orders"

1) Degree branding
2) age
3) work length
4) skill qualifications- professional certs
i suggest u stay in private industry..

when you come to join civil service, you should expect more realistic pay with your distant learning degree.
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