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Originally Posted by poorguy View Post
Compare this to your first reply. If you have answered with these constructive comments, it would have educated people so much.

I am poor, so COE/retirement is out of my leagues, that is why I'm asking if other people care to share their ideas.

Also, I am not into binary options and definitely not selling anything. I sell 4 contracts of [email protected] put options for about $100/contract. It is not a naked put option as I have to put aside 40k in case the options got called which happened before and I had to buy the stocks. Which I then sell call options as covered call.

Other than Uber, any other suggestions to share?
what skills u have? cannot just no head no tail expect ppl to teach u how to make money.

also from exp i dun recommend poor ppl play stock market, many of my friends all end up losing money cauz they dun have backing.
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