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Thanks for your answer, though not very informative. What are the higher level functions in HR then? I am genuinely interested to find out (not being sarcastic here).
The problem is usually you need to have reach at least a certain level in a large mnc to understand what goes on behind the scenes. It is not easy to explain things like organization effectiveness, change management, workforce planning, talent pipeline & risk mitigation, EVP positioning, rewards strategy, manpower cost modelling, labour relations, M&A due diligence etc. - all sound like fluffy big words to you.

One way to look at it is to see the HR people you interact with as customer service execs. Instead of serving customers, they serve employees instead like hearing your grouses, helping you with admin, administering payroll, helping you to interview, answering your questions on policy etc. While you need them in the company, nobody will equate these jobs as strategic or influential in the company.

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