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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Errr since you are going to be a lawyer i hope you will be more careful in addressing claims. The claim is first, the 7 firms mentioned draws largely from former interns and FCHs, not both criteria. The claim is followed by another one that says WP and Dentons are exceptions to the proposition.

So your reply has addressed neither claims sufficiently. As a student of law you will know that exception to a general rule does not invalidate the general rule per se. So citing you and your friend doesn't really address the claims as well. Sorry this is not a mathematicians wanna be forum page. Haha
I would be more careful with reading if I were you. The statement made previously was not couched as a general rule. It was, rather, put across as an absolute that ALL the 5 firms (minus WP and rodyk) take in ONLY fch OR former interns. Thus any instance to the contrary disproves the entire statement.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
These firms are only looking to offer TCs to former interns or FCHs. I understand that WP and Dentons are willing to looking beyond former interns and FCHs. To get their internship you must have so quality in your resume in Y2 that at least attracted the HR team.
I was not a former intern neither was I an expected FCH when I received my TC offer. This exception thus disproves the rule.

If you wish to dilute your stand to that of a general rule, that can be discredited as well. Lets take a sampling from Bakers - my department has 4 incoming trainees. 2 (myself included) are not FCH and have not interned there prior to getting our TCs. F&P also has 2 (out of 3 or 4) who are not FCH and have not interned there prior to getting TCs.

It is also a known fact that firms offer students for reasons outside of grades or internships - for example from moots (e.g. wongp is known for giving TCs to the finalists of a local moot) and from classes (a number of students here got offers from a big4 for their performance in a course conducted by firm partners).

While we don't have the actual numbers, its clear that the number of incoming big4/baker/cc trainees who are neither FCH nor former interns is a significant one.

Its noted that while I've given examples, you have provided nothing other than your assertions. If you piece together the information I have provided, you can track down which school I go to and who I am to verify if what I am saying is indeed correct.

I'll also note that the big4 take in so many interns that they aren't really discerning with who they take in. One of the big4 for example takes in 14-16 interns per batch. At 2 weeks per batch, there are around 10 batches every summer, plus 2 every winter, which is close to 200 interns. That's almost a third of the incoming Part B batch.
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