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This is not true. I am not a first and am an incoming trainee at Bakers. I got my TC before interning there. I have a friend who is similarly not a first and is an incoming trainee at CC. I have TONS of friends that are going to the big 4 and are not firsts and haven't interned at their firms. There are a number who aren't even 2nd uppers (without connections).

Ha ha everyone calls them rodyk no matter what they want to be called...same for stamford
Errr since you are going to be a lawyer i hope you will be more careful in addressing claims. The claim is first, the 7 firms mentioned draws largely from former interns and FCHs, not both criteria. The claim is followed by another one that says WP and Dentons are exceptions to the proposition.

So your reply has addressed neither claims sufficiently. As a student of law you will know that exception to a general rule does not invalidate the general rule per se. So citing you and your friend doesn't really address the claims as well. Sorry this is not a mathematicians wanna be forum page. Haha

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