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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Yes because bonus is the only think that matters in life huh? /sarcasm

Law, like certain other professions, is filled with a certain type of overachieving, kan chiong personality. These are usually the same types of people who'll think its a failure to score 98 rather than 100 in a primary school exam.

So whether its a pool or team system, these same types of personalities will drive themselves to surprising depths of self-induced stress to exceed their billable targets. Heck, they'll drive themselves crazy with stress even if they were tasked with running an ice cream stand.
Yes. Well to me, a self-admitted overachieving, kan chiong associate, it's important. The amount of bonus you receive is a direct indicator of your value to the firm compared to the rest of your peers.

I do want to be seen as an exceptional associate so yes, it means a lot to me. Different people do have different goals though, and I'd definitely admit that striving to be a superstar your entire career is not sustainable.
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