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Hi all!

I've graduated this year and will be starting work soon at one of the Big 4.

To be honest, I'm quite worried if I'll be able to adapt to the working hours, whether I will screw up and be a burden to my team etc. I've only held a few short term part time jobs in the past, therefore I'm scared about the uncertainty about holding my first full time job, especially since I don't have the experience of working long hours before.

I'm not complaining, I know what to expect going into this job, I'm just scared about how I will adapt to working life.

Anyone has had a similar experience before or can give some advice? Does everyone adapt really quickly to working life? Is it normal to be worried about being able to adapt?

Thank you!
It's pretty normal to be nervous/worried as a fresh grad going into the working world. If you have worked in an office setting before, you'll be better equipped to getting ready for the grind, as compared to someone with zero working experience. The hours are not as long as you will imagine, with people around you pulling the same hours, it's quite bearable.
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