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Default Management Consultant MBB Big4 etc etc etc

Hey guys,

I'm learning these days what the consulting landscape looks like in Singapore. I'm currently in the US doing my PhD study. After my undergrad in Singapore, I was in government sector for 3 years. I came to the US to further my study afterwards. I'm toying with the idea of coming back to Singapore or stay in the US for more experience.

Regarding the consulting jobs, I don't see any discussion or a bit of interest in local community here. I might be wrong. I checked the current salary thread, and didn't see much info for consulting jobs. I wondered if it's because all consultants from MBB never visit this site to post their salary or we don't have any info for their current market salary? OR consultants population in Singapore is very low?

I knew from my personal experience that MBB in China are now aggressively hiring PhD graduates in the US. I don't know much about Singapore though.

If you have any idea, I'd like to listen to yours.

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