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Smile I have been through the same route..

Felt compelled to chip in my advice as i have done exactly the same thing as you...nice memories

If you are a lady, i will suggest you try RM role with banks which deal with Japanese clients. Japanese recruiting agencies might be able to link you up if you specifically request to join "banking sector", no guarantees but i was offer a chance to be interviewed for a RM role but i am not keen.

If you are a "bloke", good luck to you.. forget about your JLPT N2, your 1 year holiday break in Japan and focus on getting a job that pays.

You will still be able to get into a Japanese firm, through those Japanese recruiting agencies, and work from the bottom. It will be tough as progression will be real slow.
If you have JLPT level 1, that might help a bit. Even then, its a fact that Japanese firm doesn't pay top dollar for someone with linguistic abilities alone without professional skill sets.
You will just be another sub-par "Japanese" freshie to them, but not one of them... if you get what i mean?

Depend on what's your career goal and your ambition though. If its $$ you are looking for in the long run, join a profession that pays well.
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