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Originally Posted by sijia_lim View Post
To clarify I researched for the company I applied to/got the offer from and the position they offered me is reported to have monthly salary of 8-9k. In the industry it is known that my current company underpays because they are less well-known/considered tier 2.

On one hand I don't want to ruin the opportunity by quoting sth too high, but on the other hand I don't want to put myself in a situation when after joining I'd find out that people in the same position doing the same job are being paid higher
How do you even know its the same position except by job title? For e.g. in my company we have a job called Principal Engineer. Some are paid 5-6k while some specialist and experienced ones get close to 20k. If you go to glassdoor, it will report Principal Engineer is 11500, but for a little experience guy applying for the job, do you think my company will accept if he ask for 11500?

Also it is standard industry practice to ask for 15-20% increase, maybe up to 25% if the position is bigger or you have some special skill the company needs. You can come up with whatever theory you like (my co. underpaid, glassdoor number higher etc.), end of the day for an ordinary guy to ask for 60% based on just these 2 reason is a joke. HR will tell you to FO and blacklist you.
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