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Default Learning Japanese in Japan and career advice needed

Right now, I'm at a crossroads and thinking of my next career move seriously.

I'm in the middle of learning Japanese in Japan for one year and thinking of getting JLPT N2 hopefully by next year to work for Japanese related company or industry. Any career advice or recommendations?

I have a social sciences degree from NUS and my previous full-time job experience for 3 years include mostly working in contact centres, earning 2k+. I have almost 2 years of part-time F&B experience working in hotels and fast food and fine dining, and I quite enjoyed the experience.

Right now, I'm seriously thinking what my career aspirations are and passions lie so that I can stick with a full-time job for the long term and progress through the career rungs. I can safely say I hate a desk job and sitting in front of the computer for the whole day does not suit me. I love providing customer service, facing customers the whole day and working on my feet, interacting with people. I also love the Japanese culture and Japanese language a lot, hence making the big move to learn fluent Japanese in Japan.

I have looked through job portals and I'm thinking of applying as a hotel management trainee or retail management trainee (think Charles and Keith, uniqlo, Isetan) or maybe f&b management trainee. May I know what the salary expectations, career progression for such jobs are?

My expected salary for my next job is 3k/month. Is it realistic?

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