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Originally Posted by sijia_lim View Post
I went for interview with a company in the same industry and got a verbal offer from the hiring manager. Now HR is liaising with me regarding the package and they asked for my expected salary (I have given them my current payslip)

After researching on glassdoor I estimated the monthly salary for my position and years of experience in this company to be around 8k. However, my current salary in the current firm is only 5k (Feeling underpaid compared to industry was one of my reasons to jump).

Should I go ahead and quote 8k - which means a 60% raise? Would that be too unreasonable to ask?
Glassdoor would only be able to provide a rough estimate.. The actual salary could be dependent on a lot of other factors, such as # years of experience, size of company, etc. Unless you could provide those information, it'll be difficult for us to advise you.

In the absence of other information, my advice to you is to first judge whether you're in the position for 8k, and detail down the reasons. If you think $8k is reasonable, then call up the hiring manager and quote 8k, stating your reasons. If the hiring manager accepts, then good. However, chances are that the person would negotiate down. Hence, have a MINIMUM offer that you'll be willing to accept ready in your mind (e.g. $6.5k) before you make the call.

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