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Congratulations to you. It was pretty obvious you were a chick. I don't have to spell out why it was so obvious, only going to get comments on being a MCP. Which I am, I don't deny. By now, you guys can probably guess which industry I am in.

You have to work on building a thicker 'skin', if you want to survive in the corporate world. Go back and take an objective look at the 2 replies you received to your query earlier.

My advise: Give it at least a week before you call in to check. Sometimes the person in charge might be on MC or leave.

Reply 2: 90% gone case

If I had wanted to utterly decimate you here, my reply would have read 'You can pretty much give up hope. 2 days with no reply means you failed the interview, they have no interest in you. You email more or call also useless. Just go apply those low end jobs that will better suit you.'

Good luck with your new job. You'll need it little girl.
I wouldn't bother to think whether the person is on leave or on MC. I wouldn't even bother to check with them. If the HR really wants to hire you, they will contact you at their end. No need to be like a pest.
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