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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
wow. so much details in this man. appreciate your insights sir/ma'am (whoever you may be). sounds really like a retirement village lol.
There will also be times when you will need to meet foreigner engineers or officers (ang mohs). Do not be the type of singaporean that doesn't really speak good english, not very vocal, has poor PR skills and a lot of other negatives Im sure you're aware of them. It's unwise to display all these negative traits when dealing with ang mohs cos they dislike s h i t like that.

what are these negative typical singaporean traits that some singaporeans have? speaking singlish, speaking half arsed sentences, taking your finger and scratching the back of your head when you don't have an answer to a question and making a funny sound at the same time such as 'hmmmmmmmmmmmm', interrupting people when they are speaking, speaking in a loud voice as though you know everything and a lot more.

another reason why you should up your game with them is cos sometimes lets say you're sick of your mundane bureaucratic life and you want a fresh challenge, who's gonna give you a job with similar or higher salary? This is where the ang moh comes in. They have very good extensive networks. If they like you they will help you. Otherwise you can dream on and continue day dreaming in your office for the next 20 years before they change the system again and rename it with such power name but in essence its the same old thing.

it's a trend as history has shown us several times before. From NUSAF to DXO to MDES and goodness knows what else next time. you can be sure that the person that comes up with the new name for this scheme will get a promotion or perhaps some medal for his contribution.

you got any other questions then ask here.
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