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Originally Posted by Detox View Post
Hi everyone,

Read through and was very surprise Shell has such screwed up culture.

I am got an offer and despite stating my salary expectation as 15-20% higher, their recruiter came back and offered me a 6% paycut instead!!!

I told her it was not acceptable, but she said Shell give 3 months aws. But even if I take into account this, it is only 8% higher than my current pay. She also say performance bonus is about 2-2.5 months which is lower than what I am getting now (~3 months).

Total package wise it looks like they are only matching my current and didn't offer any increase at all. Benefits also very basic, no flex points or health programs, just standard medical insurance. She then try to give me a lot of sales talk about branding, culture, learning, future opportunities, travel around the world meeting new people etc.

I told her to give me a few days to consider and go online to research and end up at this thread. Before here I am already 50:50, now read so much politics and backstabbing and some more no pay increase like not worth the risk at all.

Anyone who join Shell at mid career can comment?

How many yrs of experience you have? Shell pays competitively. The pay is benchmarked against job group.
Culture wise not that bad like people say here
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