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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
hahaha. Is this for Engineers or Business side of DSTA ? I heard business side (i.e procurement - has alot of OTs).
It's for both.

For Mindef.
If you get posted to Mindef you'll soon realise that place is largely a wayang show. If you're an engineer. it's unlikely you will find romance with another engineer cos the capable engineers don't join DSTA. DUH!

You will meet loads of admin clerks. They earn about $1600. The smarter ones work in Mindef and then head for evening classes at SIM etc for further studies. After 3 years, they resign once they get their degree. I've seen a few return but in a much higher position. At least $1500 to $2000 pay jump.

If you're posted to Mindef there is transport from your home to there and vice-versa. You pay $80 monthly to the bus driver directly. It's really convenient. The only grievance is that sometimes the driver might drive off so it's good to have his hp number or some of the others who board the same bus as you.

Don't get into trouble with the military police and you'll be fine. Smoking points are conveniently located. Toilets are aplenty. Same with water dispensers. You have two floors of canteen food and if you don't like what's on offer then you can always head out to Bukit Panjang Plaza.

If you're posted to camps it's even better. You work alone or you have a partner. You basically eat snake everyday while earning an iron rice bowl. You might need to report to a uniformed officer but most of the time he doesn't bother you unless there's something urgent he needs from you.

DSTA/DXO is the same. The only slight difference can be the pay scale. Just take things easy. There are no jobs outside for local engineers given that so many engineers from 2nd and 3rd world countries are taking up private sector jobs for $2000 so for local engineers to join this sector makes sense.

Keep a low profile, keep your head down and earn the money. Clock your WITS suggestions, be punctual for work, don't take long meal breaks, don't get into trouble with the military police and you'll be fine.

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