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Tks for your info. I am coming to realize that: reimbursements is a common practice. It depends on the HR's practice policy and if reimbursements is the way then I would just need to politely ask if advance is possible. But what you said about paying first for hotel and flights is disturbing. Because from what I think, travel will not be occasional but regularly. Even if they don't have corporate account with hotels/airlines then they still cannot pay first by company's debit/credit card via online booking? I think it is possible to do so.

I understand from the replies so far that I don't need to be too much worried or fussy about all these expenses matter, especially the subsistence expenses. I believe the HR has been dealing with this in past so they should have some practice in place.

Regarding the "customized" policy thing: You make sense that a good/caring employer will not shortchange an employee over such matters. After all, they should know that if it gets burdensome for the staff then the staff may have second thoughts about the job. Taking pressure of workload and tough deadlines is one thing, but being worried due to money matters is another issue. I think it would just be better to politely discuss in case such business-related expenses get burdensome for me, like if I need to pay a lot of my own money first or that the reimbursements are being delayed, etc.

I would appreciate if you can advise if my thought process is ok??
OMG - Pick up the bloody phone and call HR and ask whatever thing you wanna ask!!! Happy with the answer take the job, not happy just sayonara. I really find it ridiculous that you are going on and on about something like this emoing and fantasizing about some business case as if you are pitching for a mutli-billion dollar deal.

You are not going to survive in the sales world with this sort of mentality. Successful sales people are bold, confident, go-getter and unafraid of any rejection. So far, you are displaying all the opposite traits.

Either wise up and change your behavior or go look for some other desk bound job. Hate to sound rude, but you are not going to last a year in sales with this sort of humjiness when you haven't even start work.

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