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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Your company must have a travel policy. Ask for it.

Most companies require you to pay first and reimburse later, unless you are a very junior staff then you may request for advance payment. Once again depending on your company travel policy. Usually meals, travel, laundry, mobile phone expenses should be claimable. I have meals and drinks at reasonable places although my boss doesn't question me on the few occasions that I go to fancier restaurants while traveling. One of the companies I've worked for went on a per diem basis which was great.

Don't fret over it.. traveling for work is no big deal.
Well, that is interesting piece of advice and encouraging too. Yes, I don't want to cling my thoughts on these and end up losing focus on real thing. That is why I need a clear perspective on this based on experience of other people.

You say junior staff can request advance payment? I thought it was other way round- can ask junior staff to do anyhow?

Yes I also find the per diem model seems nice. So did they give you per diem allowance upfront ?

I really hope they already have a generous/reasonable travel policy in handbook. And hope it's advance allowance, and whatever is leftover based on receipts, they take from me. Hope that they don't make a fishy/customized policy.

So may I ask you if you happened to travel overseas on public holiday(in Singapore)/weekend, then did you claim timeoff for that? And how about the medical insurance during overseas travel?

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