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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
TBH if such a thing (honestly quite trivial IMO) is really that important to you, you should have just asked the company before signing up with them.

Be that as it may, if your company doesn't even have a written policy on such basic administrative matters, then I suspect it's a very small local company culture type, i.e. more or less 99% guaranteed is you pay first then reimburse.

This kind of company you better be conservative no matter what the boss say verbally, buy cheapest budget airline and stay basic local 3* or below hotel first. Since they don't have any proper policy, you don't want to get into a situation where the company refuse to reimburse for 'excessive' expense then become a you say they say argument. You sure lose in the end like that.
Well, I did not ask about it during interviews as they didn't come across my mind, as I said I am new to thiss. However, now that I am exploring I get these questions. Noted from your and other people's reply that these are not to be worried about a lot as it depends on policy. I am just imagining that what if the company doesn't have a clearly defined policy regarding this? Or a written policy? Worst is they will ask the junior staff (me) to go by reimbursement route, rather than advance? If there is written policy that ok, reimbursement is the only way for all, then I am ok.
The reason its bothering me is that yes, it's a learning opportunity, so even if basic or commission low, not big issue, as low income is still minimum income. But if I end up spending own money during travel on things like food, taxi, etc and wait until reimbursement, this may lower the income I am left with?

By the way, it is really not a very small company. Its decent, but will see the real situation once there. Lol, from what I know, hotel and airfare will be arranged by administration, so lets not go into the scenario where I am paying first and then claim.

But thks anyway, I suppose you mean that I should not worry too much.
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