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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Shouldn't you be asking your company HR for their policies on such basic matters?

I fail to understand why you are asking these questions here. Every company has differences in travel policy and commission structure, if you don't like it then just turn down the offer. They are not going to change such things just because some online forum tells you otherwise.

If you want to ask advice on pay maybe others who do sales can share, otherwise this kind of administrative procedures really depends on companies and there is no such thing as 'acceptable' or 'not acceptable'.

PS: I really don't think reimbursement procedures should be the driver of assessing an offer. You should be focusing on more relevant things IMO.
Thanks for the reply. Agreed that there is no right or wrong way. It might also depends on circumstances or situation.

However, there would be 50-75% international travel so I suppose that such regular/subsistence expenses(airfare/hotel by company beforehand) may not be insignificant. And if there is no written practice, as you know at times the management may choose or suggest the convenient way for themselves; that they prefer to reimburse rather than giving advance. Since I am new to this, I just want to know what is the trend or dominant practice in other places for such jobs? I neither want to look fussy/miser nor be shortchanged. And it wud not be matter of occasional or few travels, but an ongoing thing on my job.

Also, is it ok if i ask about this during first few days of job or only when the first travel opportunity comes by?

Thks to other 2 person who replied also. Further input would be appreciated.
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