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Originally Posted by terminator View Post
This is NOT a job advert. I just need help of fellow contributors who have some experience or know-how.

Hello, so I will be starting my first Sales job. Ok, I admit that I was ignorant of some aspects of compensation during the interview process so did not clarify. Basic pay is ok. My questions to fellow contributors:

A) Travel allowance/expenses: This job would require international travel. Flight and hotel booking will supposedly be done by the company so let's not consider these in expenses discussion here. P.S.: I do not own a personal credit card.
A1) Should company pay for my meals expenses during travel?
A2) If the answer to above is yes, besides meals, taxi fare, laundry, what other expenses should I be prepared for or expect the company to cover?
A3) For international travel is it normal for employee to pay first for necessary expenses during travel like taxi, meals, laundry, etc and then get reimbursed after submitting the receipts? Or should the company give advance before each travel? What should I expect and what is the acceptable way for such regular expenses: Advance or Reimbursement?
A4) How about medical insurance while overseas? What is going on in the industry for Sales-related employees?

B) Commission: Commission structure etc will be decided after probation or responsibility given.
B1) Which commission structure should I expect and which are better?

Question A3 is most important to me and kind of bothering me, because I don't want to end up paying huge bills during my trip, as I am no manager or high earner yet, so few hundred dollars per month matter to me as well.

Any help appreciated. Tks
Shouldn't you be asking your company HR for their policies on such basic matters?

I fail to understand why you are asking these questions here. Every company has differences in travel policy and commission structure, if you don't like it then just turn down the offer. They are not going to change such things just because some online forum tells you otherwise.

If you want to ask advice on pay maybe others who do sales can share, otherwise this kind of administrative procedures really depends on companies and there is no such thing as 'acceptable' or 'not acceptable'.

PS: I really don't think reimbursement procedures should be the driver of assessing an offer. You should be focusing on more relevant things IMO.

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