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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can share more about the gossipy nature and work environment?

When I went down for a meet and greet with the company, it looked like they were all very friendly and collegial.
Yea, on the surface. In fact they are friendly and positive to the extreme. Nobody wants to stick out even if they disagree or say anything that can be remotely construed as negative and all wayang friendliness with each other to get along.

I was from banking industry and honestly I find the politics there simpler than Shell. In the banks there will be some obnoxious @ssholes who are snobbish and purposely cause trouble. It is very obvious who are the trouble makers, taichi masters, schemers etc.

Over here, everyone volunteers to help you, give you suggestions etc. and then "accidentally" drops a banana peel on you and snigger quietly at you when you slip up and then come and express care and concern to you in their kindest demeanor.

My first 3 months here was also very pleasant as the people seem really nice on the surface. Took me a while to figure out that things are not what they seem. Once you manage to get into certain cliques and inner circles, that's when the gossiping and backstabbing will be revealed to you by your seniors.
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