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Thanks for the encouraging posts. I'm glad that the thread I started has some valuable advise. I was quite worried reading other threads where people said a pass degree from local uni is basically hopeless. For switching from SME to MNCs later on, how do you do it? Just apply for jobs or need to build contacts around?
A pass degree is not hopeless but it does reduce your chances to land on your preferred job especially in the first few years. Thereafter, it really depends on your progression (knowledge, working attitude, relationship management etc). Do not be too concern about your starting company and pay, as you progress in the right direction, you will be rewarded. My 2nd job is MNC and annual package increaseed by 28%. 3rd job, annual package increases by 37%. I am at my 5th job now with 6.5years working experience. Hope this gives you some light. Currently holding a regional managerial role in one MNC. I am not those high flier but surely not at the bottom just because having a pass engineering degree.
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