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Default Graduated from NTU EEE recently, what are my career options?

I graduated from NTU EEE with a pass degree in December 2015. Extended one semester due to failing modules in year two. GPA improved from year 3 but was too late.

Was jobless for 3 months and found a job in a local construction company as an Electrical Engineer dealing with M&E stuff. Monthly $3K with 1 month bonus.

Only saw this site recently and have been reading all the forums. I just have a few questions.

1. Is my salary considered too low for a fresh graduate?

2. If I gain 1 or 2 years experience in this company, can I switch over to a bigger MNC? Or will the grades still matter till then.

Personally I've seen people with no degrees or unrecognized degrees making it to good positions in big MNCs. But after reading lots of threads here, it feels like my career is doomed as many people in the threads say pass degree is hopeless and MNCs don't take in people who worked at SMEs. Just want to get a clearer picture. Thanks!

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