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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
No problem with ur money. Just that u dont have the brains or the attitude to go with it

Thats very good for u. Then drive ur Maserati, live in ur high rise and u wont be bothered by these 120k earning losers from gawd knows which country. And ya, despite all ur success, u come here to make a remark like that. That shows the void inside ur BRAIN. Gawd, Singaporeans like u are so materialistic n pathetic.
What a nice breakfast. Did you make money in SGX over the property counters this morning ?

If not, you just wasted your time trying to run me down and make me angry. Well, it did not affect me at all.

I've made enough for this month and going to logoff and enjoy my CNY. See you around next month.

Have a Happy Chinese New Year Holiday kiddie...cheers
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