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I was surprised this time around the 50 yo dude didnt reply to his own post to congratulate himself, to say that he inspired himself, to say that he was the most successful in this forum etc..

I guessed reality has sunk in that it was no fun sitting around at home aimlessly and having to depend on his wife for support. It is no joke when the passive income just about cover your expenses. With each passing year, the expenses can only go up while the passive income stays constant or even decrease.

Worse is that at 50, going back to work is near impossible. Maybe drive for Uber or grab.

Thats why for my buddies and I, even at 56, with passive income above $100k pa, we are still working. We recognised this period is the golden period for saving up for retirement. It really accelerates your savings rate!

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On the contrary, I am the 35 year old high flyer who is enjoying working life. What is there to enjoy about retirement? A life without aim or purpose is no life at all. I feel sorry for the 50 year old "high flyer" who can only sit around on his sofa in his luxury condo all day with nothing to do. I wonder if he is simply waiting for his time to be up?

I will be purchasing a simple B&B car from Stuttgart. Crossovers are the latest trend so I will be getting the Macan. It is cheaper than the Cayenne yet perfect for my needs. Mindy will be letting me test drive tomorrow, hopefully it will be more than the car.
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