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Originally Posted by lostinlife365 View Post
  • Sent in a job application.
  • HR called back asking for expected salary.
  • Quoted a figure taking a pay cut from last drawn as I have been out of job for some time.
  • HR seemed curious why I quoted an expected salary lower than last drawn and I explained it is a conservative expected salary that should fall within the usual salary range for that position and not price myself out. My last company is known to pay better than the current company I am applying to.
  • HR later called back again to confirm an interview and gave me the application form that asks for my expected salary again.
  • Can I now quote a higher figure and take a lower pay cut without getting into trouble with the hiring manager/HR?
Depends on what type of company. If MNC / blue chip or civil service, just state your real expected, they will pay at the end of the day if you do well in interview.

If SME then should sort this out with HR directly first, many of them operate based on fixed budget and anyhow increasing expectations could terminate the whole process straight away.

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